Creating Change

Voices for Education works to improve education in Arizona for every child by engaging and educating parents to improve their school communities. We believe that while there are no easy solutions to the problem of school reform, the most effective and sustainable change can be achieved through the process of “meaningful engagement.” Meaningful engagement is much more than mere participation in events or programs; meaningful engagement requires the development and nurturing of sustainable relationships between individuals and their school communities.

We believe in the following principals for change:

Change cannot be accomplished by one person alone.
We believe in connecting parents in order to make changes in their schools. We do this through our Tucson Parent Forum and our Parent Leadership Institutes.

Change requires that people understand where decisions are made and have the facts necessary to back-up their positions.
We provide credible research on proven education reform strategies, connect our community with other research resources and help our community understand how public education works.

Change will not be accomplished without advocacy.
With advocacy at the hub of our work in education we work to connect our community with its policymakers through our email legislative alert system, through tracking policy change and by creating opportunities for conversations between stakeholders whether they be policy-makers, parents, teachers or community members.